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Guitar/Band Hero Band Bundle Kits for PS3

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Man, has anyone seen these around lately for a good price?

Seen any in a store locally?

Please let me know!!! I bought the World Tour Kit when it first came out and my kids absolutely loved it and played it with me... But, my wife kept complaining that it was taking up too much room in our apartment at the time and my friend who played it with me pawned his... So, me being the idiot I am, I turned around and sold it on CL for like $70 and it was only about 2 or 3 months old.

Now, I totally regret it. My friend I originally played it with found two GH3 guitar bundles at a Dollar General for $8 a piece and gave me one. So, we started playing it and had an awesome time and started missing how fun the drum kit was as well. We were talking about it and were like, "yeah, we'll just go buy the kits and play like we did a few years back."


I hadn't kept up with GH since I sold my World Tour and didn't think I'd ever be interested in it again, so this was the first time I looked it up since, what, 2008? Turns out, there hasn't been a GH made since 2010 and everywhere I've looked, they are completely sold out of the band kits online... Where they are for sale, they are going for almost $300... Not gonna happen.

I always thought when I sold mine, that if I ever wanted it again, I would just go buy it for cheaper once the hype died down. I never thought that they would discontinue it at the time and people would start price gouging. It's ridiculous. And the crazy thing is, the servers for GH3 are still up!?!?

Anybody seen them? Help a brother out.

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