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Restaurant discrimination against black customers

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 10:23 AM

So Shaka Zulu tips 10% and Philly B says that is "dickwad" move.

You guys want to settle this before we go on?

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 10:30 AM

As far as pick up orders go. They often times organize the food and check to be sure the orders are correct. I tip them anywhere between 5-10% depending on the size of an order. They are usually servers but are making more than the low server wage.

Yeah, they are typically making minimum wage or around there.

When I get takeout orders I usually tip $1-2.

They had to spend 5 minutes or less putting my meal together, so they don't deserve more than that IMO. When I dine in, they have to do stuff for me for 45 minutes to an hour.

If someone delivers, I tip them well. I simply consider it a lazy tax on myself.

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 10:38 AM

If someone delivers, I tip them well. I simply consider it a lazy tax on myself.

My thoughts exactly.....not to mention that the delivery drivers are using their own gas and cars. They are in the hole the minute they hit the road.

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 10:56 AM

When I was in the service industry I found 0% less insulting than 10%.

Seriously 10% says I know I should tip I'm just a cheap SOB.

Also whatever you tip keep in mind the server is tipping out around 3-4% of that tip to other help.

So if you tip 10% the server sees maybe 6.5% of it...

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 11:09 AM

Yes some places require waiters/tresses to pay the cooks, food runners, hostess etc. Restaurants are evil businesses. They pay like crap. The only way you can make money is from tips. My wife gets anywhere from 20 to 30 bucks on her pay from the restaurant a week if she has a poor week. Go figure that out.

I've hear that Restaurants are really hard to run, but looking at my wife's pay account they pay their employees practically nothing.

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 11:29 AM

I have to pose a question in this discussion...

My wife and I just talked about this a few days ago, but apparently, some places are starting to expect a tip even though they aren't really providing a service.

We all know you are expected to tip delivery drivers, but recently, a few places where my wife and I have ordered, they hand you the receipt and it has the "Tip _ _ _ _ _" space on it. I don't know if that just became commonplace recently because I used to get the receipts with just the amount and that was it. So, feeling awkward, when I'd pick something up recently, I'd write in $1.00 because I didn't feel they did anything for a tip, but figured it was a nice gesture. No one ever really asked for it.

Then the other day, I went to the same place and she goes to hand me the receipt and asks, "Do you want to add a tip?" I was kind of taken aback. I mean, I'm picking it up, you didn't bring it to me and I haven't developed a customer-waiter/waitress relationship or rapport with you or anything... I don't get it. So, again, I just told her add $1.00.

What's the expectation here? I was conflicted because when I get my haircut, I've added a $5.00 tip on top of the amount everytime and the girl that does it has never accepted it.

I've wondered this as well... like sometimes we'll pick up wings at BWWs or Pizza at Dominoes for the kids... I've always gone with if I pick it up, I don't tip... if you bring it to me, I do tip. It is a bit awkward though because I've had cashiers act a little miffed that I didn't leave a tip on a pick up???

As far as tipping being racial or whatever... idk. I think it's more cultural than racial, and in some ways it's neither cultural, racial or soci-economic. Some people just don't tip. My dad usually tips whatever extra cash he has... it could be 5% or 15%. I usually end up adding to the tip when I go out with him and he pays. He's just an average middle class guy that worked in a factory all his life. I don't think it really even registers with him that he should tip more.

I usually start at 20% and reduce it depending on the service, but unless you completely ignore me or are just rude, you're pretty much gonna get 20%. We went to Bonefish a few weeks ago and the waiter was a really young kid and we got to talking to him and he's a student at CFCC trying to transfer to UNCW... he was a good waiter, a nice kid and so we gave him $20 on a $30 meal. I like doing that esp for kids who are in school.

Also, if you're a Panthers fan and comment on my shirt/hat or otherwise about the Panthers, you get a bigger tip.

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 11:39 AM

yeah i'm conflicted on pickup orders too. i tend to be pretty liberal about it just because i work in the industry so i know it's nice to get something, so if it's a pizza i'll leave a buck or two and if it's a bigger order like outback i usually throw in at least 10%.

what gets me is places like moes and subway that are starting to put out tip buckets and tip lines on receipts (moes does this, at least.) i know minimum wage is not a livable salary, but tipping in my mind is exclusively for the poor blighters making 2.13 an hour. i don't tip there.

So Shaka Zulu tips 10% and Philly B says that is "dickwad" move.

You guys want to settle this before we go on?

if you had read the thread you'd see things were clarified and subsequently "settled"

stirs i really try to keep an open mind about the stuff you post but seriously when your keyboard vomits the stuff it does up onto this forum it makes ad hominem fallacies almost unavoidable

#138 SZ James (banned)

SZ James (banned)

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 12:01 PM

I think the 'SZ is a dickwad' thing was established way before I started this thread

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 12:17 PM

I still think a $5 tip on a pizza delivery is a shitty tip.

My typical pizza order for the family is around $40. I always tip at least $10.

Usually it's something like $43+7 for me

I can tell you the average tip for a night would usually work out to like $1.80 to $2.20. This was a while ago though. If you went on a run of $3 tips you were having a good night. Running into a neighborhood with 4 deliveries and you get $3 each that's $12 + "salary" for 30 minutes work. Good enough for beer money for sure.

Plenty of folks give you $1 + the change.

My biggest tip for a regular pizza was like $20 from a guy in southpark. Largest other tip was $75 for a sorority group order.

#140 Happy Panther

Happy Panther

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 12:18 PM

I always tip the counter girl for pickup at least something

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