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Cam Is My 11th Ranked QB of 2012 w/ QBA of 58.42. Peyton is 1st with 66.68 QBA

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I guess because I didn't actually watch the game, I can't, so i didn't see how the game was played.

I only went on the tds and the end results stats that were being shown on NFL score-board.

I'm going to assume that there was more of a running game with the Panthers then the Saints?

yeah that would be it... Panthers had like 260 yards on the ground, with 30 of it come from Cam, 210 from DWill (2 tds, 1 of 54 and the other of 12 yards), and 20 from Tolbert (who had 3 TDs, all on 1 yard runs).

Many times in goal line situations in the past Cam would have gone in for the score instead of, say, Tolbert. Doesn't matter a ton, the offense was working pretty well that game I'd say. It's nice when we aren't requiring Cam to do everything to win, heh.

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