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2013 - Huddle 10 year anniversary

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Hawk    2,378

10 years huh?

9 time huddler of the year...still don't know why I can't get a recount on that other year....fugen Florida

3 fantastic trips to Charlotte to tailgate and hang with the huddlers

1 Survivor Championship

countless fantastic new friends

many many fugen weirdos

been a good 10 years.

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X-Clown    731

I'm pumped that someone else remembers that sig. Maybe Delhommey can chime in and tell me what years he had that. Because I lurked forever and that sig was the memorable one as far as the time period I joined.

I know he had it in 2007 because that's when I joined

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j2sgam    1,021

I joined back in '05, paid the $12 "membership" to start a thread when my 1st child was born in April 2006. Been a D-list poster ever since....

Last time I saw Zod, I thanked him for this place as it has been a big part of my life since joining. I will take this opportunity to thank all of you, I appreciate yous makin this place what it is. When I need to know Panther news, this is the 1st place I check, when I see something cool, "Its going up on the Huddle" is my 1st thought, when I need a bewbie fix, "Wheres biscuit?" is my 1st question...

Congrats on 10, heres to the next 10... Salute......:cheers:

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boo7382    1,419

Congrats Jer Jer!

Joined in 2010 when I got a new job with no Internet restrictions and all I did was sit at a desk all day.

Never met a bigger group of weirdos who are as obsessed with the Panthers as much as I am. Stayed because of another reason someone else said.....was tired of talking to (and arguing with) people who knew nothing about our team

I have thoroughly enjoyed tailgating with you guys and meeting everyone at TC since I joined. Some of the coolest guys (and women!) I have ever met are on this site ;)

Still can't stay away from you fugers to his day, even if I'm not at a desk anymore.

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PanthersAlv    987

Man, it doesn't fee like it's been that long.

Ok, yeah it does.

I joined I think in the end of 03 beginning of 04, cuz I wanted more Panthers fan interaction as I was living in NY at the time.

Moved in Charlotte in 05... haven't looked back. :D

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