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Post your reaction when you got the news that Rivera is staying

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Call me crazy, but I actually like the fact that Rivera's coming back. I'm pulling for this guy hard. I'm also not foolish enough to believe that if Rivera were to be fired and we brought in another coach that he'd have immediate success. If we had brought in Chip Kelly to replace Rivera next season, all the people calling him a great coach and the best option available will be the same one's grabbing the pitch forks and torches if we open the season 0-4. I've seen steady progress in the team and the coaching. Why break that up? If we do totally poo the bed next season, then yes it's time to fire him. No need to do him like Fox and hold him through the last year of his contract when we know and he knows he'll no longer be a part of the team going forward.

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BANE    845

At first i was like


Then, after seeing all the morons freak out, i was like this


Now, knowing that so many of those idiots are upset with the news that RR is staying, i now feel like this about Ron keeping his job


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