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SZ James (banned)

Unpopular views you have about the Panthers (Read OP)

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panthers aint making it the superbowl or playoffs this year........most likely due to passing on good players in draft and the sorry head coach.

the defense is not top 10...they have good stats against weak teams....i looked at the stats so that is not an opinion.

the linebackers suck except for luke but he still got along way to go. olb is a need in this draft.

i would have went with marc ross as gm and tried my best to get the stanford coach or an up and coming oc(packers,bengals).

newton might not leave but he sure hinted it in a interview on espn.

newton is still the best qb out of all the new guys hes just in a tougher situation.

smith has messed up on routes this year and has dropped deep passes.

lot of the old players need to get cut to save money.

gross sucks and is gonna get newton killed. need oline help right away lol

falcons should have won championship game..still would have lost in superbowl though

superbowl black out let sanfran comeback

read option is OVERRATED and will get figured out soon.

newton dont need to run he needs to work on being accurate and only needs to run if he has too.

even with how bad of shape this team is in they COULD HAVE BEEN 14-2 THIS YEAR....got to start winning CLOSE GAMES. only the giants and broncos blew panthers out. FACT

alot of people are racist on this board. i mean everytime i look up there is another worthless discussion about race. lol

my dan marino sig i had. lol only took it off for patton. which brings me to this point..........................................................................

I dont understand people are so SENSITIVE on this board. especially when someone says newton is not the best young qb. WHO THE fug CARES. that does not effect newtons play....you guys at like the guy has put in a 10 year hall of fame career. lol i could see the frustration then but COME ON!!!

quinton patton is the best wr coming out.

i dont care if you agree with me or against me...FACT. lol

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Hope his aim is a little higher for career goals than his choice of girlfriends. Think he could do exponentially better

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We should not select a Wide Receiver in the first round. Here's why:

1) Bc the wide receivers in this years draft aren't exactly superstar quality. Patterson has the biggest upside but he will be selected in the top 10.

2) Wide receivers outside the top 10 rarely make an immediate impact.

3) We can get a wide receiver later or in free agency that can probably provide just as much production

4) A right tackle, guard, or ball hawking safety would make a bigger impact for our team right now and could start right away.

5) Between Smith, Olsen, Lafell, and the backs another receiver (unless top 10 talent) isn't going to "open" things up.

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  • Gamble is going to leave and we will be ok
  • Stewart is good but too expensive and too injury prone.
  • We should draft a RB in the later rounds of the draft cause in 2 years Williams and Stewart will be gone.
  • Once SS leaves we are screwed (that could be as soon as next year)
  • We need to find a way to keep Beason - he is a born leader
  • Our cap situation will screw us for the next few years and we should be prepard for no big splashes in FA and unpopular cuts these next 2 years,

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