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Cam Newton was a "different guy" heading into 2012 per Ross Tucker (called out his work ethic)

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Embrace the hate....every sport needs someone to hate (even if it is a fictional slant).

Newton simply is a better player when people are against him. So? Who cares really...

I wouldn't mind if the hate was balanced with some reality and truthfulness but when you have folks in the media intentionally setting out to put down a player because they feel he's to successful and they don't like it, then there is a problem. Cam's success comes from hard work and believing in the man upstairs but the media tries to paint him as some sort of immature brat who is successful because of his talent and not hard work.

Yet others like Chud get to boost their resume by taking credit for what Cam is doing via his hard work. That pisses me off.

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I can't help but notice no one has pointed out what the problem with his work ethic was...

They never do. Have't you notice that about the media when it comes to Cam or any of these players?

The media simply throw things out there against Cam and leave it up to the haters and others to read whatever conclusion they want into what they say about him. They then take some of the football fan's opinions that is inline with their agenda and add it to their talking point so not to look like they are picking on Cam but is only sharing the opinions of the football fans.

The psychology of our media never ends. But it's all good.

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Heck this could be true. He was bad at the beginning of the year, but hopefully he's learned he can't do this again. He was a different player second half of the year.

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I wonder what the media will say about Kaepernick's "taunting" penalty tomorrow?

I wonder that they would have said if Cam had done it?

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Or...maybe it was because Chud was Poo at the first half of the season.

To think you actually went two weeks with trying to find some way of dragging down Cam with some stupid media story and accusations from "unnamed sources." I guess two weeks is longtime for some of you.

I'm not trying to drag the guy down, I just said he didn't have a great start to the season, and he didn't. He did better later in the season. Chud didn't throw those picks or give away those fumbles in the first half of the season.

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