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Have you ever changed your position on a major issue?

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Poll: Have you ever changed your position on a major issue? (31 member(s) have cast votes)


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    Dey Hate Us Because They Aint Us!

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 11:17 PM

I listened to Rush Limbaugh, never voted for a Democrat, been baptized and missed a Nine Inch Nails concert to see a Glen Beck show?! wtf?!

Im an independent who went Democra this past election, made the elighntened mistake of studying every religion in some detail and definitively an atheist....will never listen to this version(or last 15 yrs) of a lobby purchased puppet in Limbaugh and Glen Beck is just a crazy man.

Rush used to have more satire to him before he exploded.. Beck was more moderate..but both are unlistenable.

Will not miss Nine Inch Nails again.

#38 Kurb


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 10:24 AM

Changed stances on.

Origins of Homosexuality
Gay Rights
Role of Government/Perception of Government

#39 mmmbeans



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Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:27 PM

I listened to Rush Limbaugh, never voted for a Democrat, been baptized and missed a Nine Inch Nails concert to see a Glen Beck show?! wtf?!


#40 Inimicus


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:40 PM

The biggest one was I grew up a serious racist. I mean everything but the hood.

Left that behind me many years ago though.

But more fundamental and life changing was the realization that I was more than the sum of my ideals and that changing my mind didn't mean "selling out". Once I came to that realization I was able to take my ego out of my beliefs and become always open to a compelling argument that I may be wrong.

When you stop being open to having your mind changed you stop growing.

#41 King


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:42 PM

Used to believe in God and be against abortion.

Became an atheist and pro-choice during high school.

#42 Harris Aballah

Harris Aballah


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:44 PM

I have always let the light of experience guide my foot. And most of the time find myself walking in the opposite direction of what's posted on these forums. Give me liberty or give me death. Hard to change a perspective that strong. And that simple.

#43 lightsout


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 03:10 PM

I used to think there was no real difference between Cheez Doodles and Cheetos. I have since learned the error of my ways.

#44 natty


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 04:39 PM

Considered myself a strong libertarian since high school. I still do to an extent but certain things I've done a complete 180 on, such as health care. I now just consider myself a moderate. I've also learned that most people consider themselves moderates.

Just a few weeks ago I was pretty ambivalent on the gun issue until people started posting the most misinformed, stupid rationalizations about how their gun hobby was secretly their plan to defend liberty or whatever. Now I'm pretty convinced this crap needs to be tempered down a bit..

I've always been 'pro gun' so to say but I'll never engage in that debate for this very reason. Both sides have some ridiculous arguments but the pro side usually takes the cake.

#45 Bronn



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Posted 14 January 2013 - 09:27 PM

I was once captain of a Bible Bowl team and I also voted for Bush II in 2000... FML on the last account moreso than the first...

I wouldn't say the Huddle was a main contributor to shaping any of my views, but it has been A contributor in some instances...

#46 Doc Holiday

Doc Holiday


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 10:02 PM

The Older I've gotten the more Liberal I've gotten, more or less from just going out and seeing the world and such, there are a few things that I'm still very conservative on but with that said I probably lean more left then right now.

Biggest Cause of change was my friends.

biggest issue change:

Gay marriage, used to be uber Christain right winger, now though I see it as the biggest civil rights issue today. I have friends that I met through work that I later found out to be gay, and later became good friends with.

#47 davos



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Posted 14 January 2013 - 11:54 PM

I've never really known what I believe or where I stand on most issues...I'm like afloat on a conscious bubble of f*ckery...that, I do know.

Basically, I used to be uber religious (was even an altar boy for years), then went all atheist, then I died one time and was revived so became semi-religious again (just a deist-type spiel), then became all new-age bullsh*tter "I wanna move to Austin, Boulder or Seattle...seriously!!", then sorta buddhist in my spiritual beliefs, and even at one point overly interested in Ancient-Egyptian philosophy and spirituality.

I've now learned instead of having a convoluted spiritual self-awareness script to simply not be a c-u-n-t and I'm good.

Who am I kidding, I'm still a pseudo new age non-political bullsh*tter, architect. I don't make sense...

#48 Chimera


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Posted 15 January 2013 - 12:25 PM

The biggest issue I've waffled on as an adult is probably prison and the death penalty. I used to read stories about violence in prison, and how solitary causes severe mental issues.

I usually just rolled my eyes and said "boo hoo, you deserve it."

First, I learned how the justice system "works" and the corrupt nature of the prison system. I also thought about some of my own actions. I realized the only difference between myself and those prisoners I had dehumanized is that they had been caught.

I don't really count my teenage years. If you don't go from hardcore liberal to hardcore conservative (or vice versa) as a teenager, then you did it wrong.

Like many right-leaning individuals, i doubled down on the conservative rhetoric when Obama was elected. Then after the 2010 midterms the repubs reminded me why I've never supported them. All talk, no action.