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Which player next year has the most to prove?

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Start with all of the coaching staff and the new GM. Not players, but need to show their worth.

Cam needs to prove his critics wrong once again.

Steve needs to prove he's ageless.

Rest of the WR core needs to prove they're decent.

#2 TE needs to show up.

O-Line needs to show they can be more consistent.

Running backs need to show they're worth the price.

Hardy needs to prove to be consistent.

DT's need to come alive.

Beason and Anderson need to step up.

Gamble (if he's still here) needs to show he's better than the nobody corners that consistently impressed in the 2nd half.

Josh Thomas needs to continue to show he's a solid corner.

Josh Norman needs to step the hell up.

Godfrey needs to show he's not the scrub I think he is.

DJ Campbell/maybe Sherrod needs to show up as a consistent safety as well.

Entire ST unit needs to keep composure.

Returnman needs to step up.

Kicker, especially if Gano, needs to show clutch ability to win close games.

Nortman needs no shanks, more boomers.

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Defense: Kuechly...i know shocker. I wanna see him more well-rounded. Playing better in coverage. If he does he will be a top 3 linebacker in the league.

Offense: Cam...i wanna see that same poise in the pocket we saw at the latter half of the season. I wanna see him use his checkdowns. I wanna see him lead this team and get that "C" on his jersey.

honorable mentions:




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