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Who gets cut that suddenly leaves us with a big need?

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yes, saying it that way avoids the reality Ryans played full 16 game season after he tore his ACL....and Beason went back to IR.

and yes, if you only go off the stat sheet there tackles were about the same. If you watched Beason in 2012....he just wasn't good. I didn't expect Beason to be Beason as there are about 20 threads stating that. He wasn't average. He was a liability.

Ryans tore his achilles heel the same as Beason. As for Ryans he didn't play well in 2011 either, he was largely restricted to first and second down and was a liability as well. That is what an achilles injury does to you especially year 1. And he was in the wrong scheme. Why else would Houston essentially give him away to Philly.

But that is history. It isn't what happened but will happen in 2013. Will Beason return or be gone. I would think that if you were a Panther fan you would hope he comes back 100% and is great given we can't afford to get rid of him. You seem way too contrary and negative most of the time.

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Cut: Clausen, A Edwards, Gettis, Hangartner, G Williams (take a look at his cap number), R Edwards, J Andersen, Nakamura, Gamble

Traded: Beason (not easy but a team like Dallas switching to a 4-3 without a 4-3 MLB may a trade a 6-7th rounder even with that contract),

D Williams (should be able to get a 4-6th rounder)

Leave via FA: D Andersen, Harstock, Barnidge, Murphy, Applewhite, Neblett, Munnerlyn, Martin

Restructure Contract: Gross, D Edwards

This would put the Panthers cap number at about $96 million (about $25 million in cap space). The biggest wholes would be NT, CB and OG.

I like the Dallas possibility considering i just read an article that said Dallas will have about 18 mill in cap space this year.

And if we get that far under the cap i will piss myself.

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I'm not a GM but from my understanding, there is no restructuring or cutting Beason. He either has to be traded or play under his contract as is.

what could happen is we could give him the same amount of money over a longer period of time so that the cap hit is less. Plus its not like hes old he was just coming off of an injury that is not easy to come back from. I feel like he could be an awesome SLB and we could trade Anderson for cheap and still have good depth.

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I don't know how anybody can justify cutting our best tackle, when there are other holes along the line that need to be filled.

I certainly feel they should draft a tackle, but if ya cut gross, we'd have to come up with restarting tackles. That's a hole I don't know see any GM digging.

Gamble is the easiest to cut.

After that, the there isn't a whole lot you can cut that will actually help the Panthers cap space. Restructuring would be next. Not all the guys will restructure either. Get three, maybe four to restructure, and the Panthers will be under the cap.

March can't get here soon enough.

If we did cut Gross it would mean that we would have a very young offensive line which would suck next year but could be something that pays off in the future. I think this whole cap mess could work if you cut Gross, gamble and Ron. Trade down in the first to get an extra second then you can go DT, OL, CB, OL in the first 4 rounds and replenish what you cut hopefully. Then the only problem is we have to hope that we can get a gem at safety and receiver late. but thats just my opinion, take it for what its worth.

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So guys would cut James Anderson, 2nd bright spot at the position and leave beason and davis as the veterans? That's a worthless decision and I would be pissed relying on Phillips as the alternate swing backer. Not a good look as far as I can tell. I'm not sure Senn will be back. That's sounds like we will be in the same position as last year.

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