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Dave Gettlman.. meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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I know I will catch some flak for this but I have to be perfectly honest, after watching his presser, im not so sure im sold on Gettleman. First of all, he seems to have the same "avoid high end FAs, only build through the draft" philosphy Hurney had. I was hoping we would have a GM that signs good FAs. We all saw how well "keeping our own worked." We could have signed Vincent Jackson instead of Stewart and solidified a 1-2 punch WR tandem in Smitty and VJax.

I also dont like the idea he plans on keeping a bulk of our front office intact instead of bringing in his own guys, this also concerns me. He also didnt come across as willing to make wholesale changes that this team needs a lot of. Im not so sure he will make the tough decisions when it comes to guys like Gamble, Gross, Beason, DWill etc.

I also dont like the fact he seems to be behind Rivera, I wouldnt be shocked even if we miss the playoffs that Gettleman will fire Rivera. The way he talked about Rivera, it didnt seem like he was in a rush to part ways with him, even if he screws up next season.

All in all, I really cant diatinguish how Gettleman differs from Hurney in any meaningful way. Im sorry, ive learned the hardway with Rivera that actions speak louder than words.

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he never even said he wants to avoid high end free agents. he said when you sign them it can go wrong so you have to be careful.

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Name a big-priced FA the Giants have signed in the past three years. I'll wait.

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Joe Person.. "Brandon Beane heavily in the mix for GM spot." Looks like the Rams just gained one more fan.

Never forget...

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