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Post your current Panthers big board (1/19/13)

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I doubt Fisher even makes it to the Chargers.

There's always a few QB's that get bumped up into the top 12 though and that will make a few prospects drop in the actual draft. Glennon seemed to be a favorite to shoot up the rankings board pre combine. I fully expect him to go top 12 in the draft if he has good showings this week and at the combine.

Patterson will end up being a top 15 pick and probably be the number one WR off the board. Warmack will also end up being top 10, he's got a way higher ceiling then Decastro did last year. (Main reason DeCastro fell so far, other then being a guard).

My draft board for Carolina would look like this (Based on who would be at 14)

Patterson, Allen

Je. Williams, Richardson

Ansah (Just cause he's a beast of a prospect and you can never have enough pass rushers.) (The Giants took JPP when they had proven pass rushers already on the team.)

I'm not a big fan of the CB's that would be around at 14, either not physical enough or don't fit the scheme here in Carolina. I'm not listing Fisher or Warmack because neither will be there, but they would shoot up to the top of my list if one was available there. Not really anyone else at OT or OG worthy of a top 15 pick in this draft.

I like the value of the second round for guards, will be plenty of value in the second round to pick up a RG or RT to fix most of the line issues.

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