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SZ James (banned)

Assassination attempt on Turkish politician

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SZ James (banned)    5,188


"Ahmed Dogan, the long-time leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) escaped unscathed, and it was not immediately clear why the attacker had targeted him at the party congress in downtown Sofia.

Television footage showed the man jumping out of the audience and interrupting a speech by 58-year-old Dogan, who has led the party for almost a quarter of a century. Security guards were seen beating and kicking the attacker."


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venom    666

Looks staged to me too. Jumping up on stage like that in front of all those people and on national television isnt exactly the smartest or most covert route at assassination. It does make for great headlines and a photo-op though. If he had gone through with killing him he wouldve been crucified on the spot. And i'm not buying that his gun was jammed or whatever. I doubt this action was taken on a whim...i would think that he wouldve made sure everything was in order if he was serious about taking him out. How you gonna screw up something like that in such a trivial manner?

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