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First sunday i prayed in a long time

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couldn't win in spite of blatant bullshit refereeing

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    • He has been crossed many times by the NFL and other players and done nothing. If the bills try to hire Bene the Panthers should file tampering charges. 
    • Wait... So I see a lot of people bashing this idea.

      Can someone explain to me why putting Funch at TE is a bad move? Surely he can pack on 10-15 lbs of bulk/muscle. He may sacrifice some of his speed, but he is 6'5 and you can't teach that. He played TE in college his entire career. We converted him to WR, where he has had very TE numbers. 9 TDs in his first 2 years is fantastic! For a tight end. His overall catches and yards screams TE stats.

      He may never be a blocking TE, but why not a pass catching one? He can beat LBs and could theoretically be the guy who replaces Olsen as a red zone target and pass catching TE.

      Add some weight to him, and you've got your guy no need to draft anyone.

      Let's be real, he won't see the field as a WR now that we drafted 2 guys who are immediately better than him, and signed Shepard and Johnson who arguably could be better than him. So now he's essentially 6th on the WR depth chart.

      But 3rd (maybe 2nd) on the TE depth chart!

      I say we ask him to make the move. He has only 1 fewer TD than Olsen these past 2 years. I don't know for sure, but I would guess most of them were red zone targets, very Tight End sort of plays.

      Let Kelvin be the #1 guy out there, hauling in 70 for 1,000 and 10 TDs per year.

      Let Samuel be the slot weapon ala Cobb, and let Shepard stay on the field.

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