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Just a question for the huddlers.

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:20 AM

Damn the Huddle has truly become pathetic.

This thread is a prime example.

Too many here take ANY compliment given to another player and try to turn it into a slight or insult to Cam.

This is truly becoming comical and we are now at the ridiculous homer stage that Falcon fans were when Vick was there.

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 10:45 AM

nothing I said was prohibitive of coming from a small school and being successful. But these guys are generally more raw coming out of school than say, guys on BCS ranked teams. Plus, none of those programs routinely pump out starting players in this league. Cam Newton put up a better and more successful performance in one year at Auburn than Colin Kaepernick could muster in four years at Nevada and against tougher competition...why? Cam had the benefit of being in a superior offensive system. We're seeing the inverse happen at the pro level. Colin simply plays in a better offensive system than Carolina provides.

You're basically saying small school prospects doesn't translate into the next level bc of weak competition. Do you not get that "a lot" of really good players doesn't get the chance to play for a big name school?

Physically attributes has a lot to do with that. If Smitty was 6'2 instead of 5'8, you think he'd be playing at Utah? Even in the pros, height and weight still weigh in, primed example: Russell
Wilson (3rd pick).

Sure a lot of small school prospects comes out not able to do anything but "a lot" of them comes in and boom! That goes the same to big schools. A lot of them boom and then a lot of them also bust the $hit outta this league.

You wanna talk about how Kaep couldn't complete 50% of his passes at Nevada, maybe that has to do with who surrounded him. Put Kaep on this year BCS Championship team: Alabama. with an elite OLINE, top tier receivers/backs, and NFL defense, imagine what he could've done. Or simply just switch Cam to Nevada and Kaep to Auburn. Would anyone have noticed Cam? No one knew him being at Blinn.