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Sean Payton's Vicodin

Falcon fan goes into rage mode, destroys nicest TV in Atlanta

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Bahaha, i was downtown ATL yesterday, first time in my life in ATL. I Went to the bar STATS which wasn't bad at all, even though my bill was supposed to be 30 bucks the cool bartender who was a lions fan only charged me 20. Anyways, watching the game, not giving a fug if they win or lose. If they win I get to enjoy slutty celebrating chicks, if they lose fug yes. Anyways, time comes for the 4th and 5 conversion and I turn around and watch the entire bar and the sadness was glorious.

I could have took my tongue and licked all the tears from everyone eyes and had the biggest poo eating grin the entire time. I'm not one to rub it in anyones face aside from imagining doing so and because I had met 2 hot Falcons fans besides me who I was chatting up the entire game (and both chicka's knew their football) but luckily the only 49ner fan in the bar did that for me and came to find out one of the girls I was chatting up actually was thinking of moving to Wilmington which is where I live, crazy.

Anyways, night cometh and its time to go out, and the true Falcon fan's, all 3 of them in the city, were sadness drinking which was also glorious to watch, but in all honesty, at night the people who were out could careless and EVERY single person during the game and after were commenting how the Falcants were going to disappoint them, even before the game someone said it as a huge group of Falcons fans I had somehow merged with in pedestrian traffic walked by, they all look at each other bewildered and look back at me and I'm laughing my ass off not giving 2 shits what the guy said. But I will credit that there were a vast minority of 49ner's fans which would not be the case had the game happened in Charlotte.

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