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Me going to work tomorrow when I see my Falcon Fan cohorts.

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    • ESTP superhuman checking in.
    • You would think, after years of childish behavior by many politicians that THIS is now the time to start "adulting" in DC. Maybe my gerrymandered district is about to get hit and made more competitive?  Or the demographics show my white, conservative base shrinking over the next decade?  Regardless, this is a great time to start reaching across the aisle to give those independent voters something to think about. Given that Bernie is going to throw out a universal coverage law, this might put a little motivation on the right to do some fixing to Obamacare instead of going full "socialist" with Universal Heathcare (how turrrrribbble!!).  Sometimes, you have to pick your battles, and what we've seen thus far is Trump's battles stink.
    • Based on that article, it seems that a sale will only be made if the buyer agrees to not move the team out of Charlotte. I hope that holds up.