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Colin Winning The SB

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Although I agree with much of your post, the 9'ers don't have anywhere near the best receiving corps in the league. I'm not even sure they are in the top half.


colin's near pinpoint accurate passing makes the 49ers' recievers look much better than they really are.

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If you dropped Cam into the 49ers then they'd be even better than they are now. I like Kaepernick and all but you're kidding yourself if you try to say that he wasn't dropped into an absolutely amazing situation.

-QB guru coach

-Riding the bench for a year to learn the system

-Works with the best receiving corps in the NFL

-Has a great defense to help him out

I'm not saying that he isn't talented, I'm just saying that if Alex Smith could get the team to the NFC championship then any actually talented guy was going to excel greatly.


And I'd add an excellent Offensive Line and running game as well.

Even if some may disagree or nit pick with what you said. But the overall spirit of what you wrote is true.

Just being honest, keeping it real here. Kaepernick is certainly talented. And more so than Alex Smith. Agreed. So I don't want to take anything away from him.

Nonetheless, he's helped greatly by the scheme, team and coach that he plays for. We always have to remember (as you pointed out), that Alex Smith, put up a top 5 QB rating, and took this same team to the NFC championship last year.

We can't forget that.

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