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bP's 2013 Mock Draft -through pick #14-

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1. Washington- Shabazz Muhammad - SF

Washington just drafted Beal last year and have finally gotten John Wall back from injury. The post seems okay with Nene holding it down and they really need help on the wings. Shabazz will give them a immediate scorer.

2. Charlotte- Nerlens Noel - PF/C

The Bobcats have long needed someone in the post who you can throw it down to and watch him come away with 2pts almost everytime. Noel might not have the offensive game polished yet, but the potential is there. Noel's stats look very similar to Anthony Davis' from last year.

3. Cleveland- Ben Mclemore - SG

Cleveland has needed someone to team up with Kyrie Irving and knock down the open shots he provides his teammates.

4. Phoenix- Cody Zeller - PF

This is the typical pick for this team. Run and gun, play defense when necessary- Score, score score. Zeller might not be a superior defender, but will give Phoenix the ability to run the fast break and score at will.

5. NO- Alex Len - C

Davis and Len sound like a match made in heaven for the next 10 years.

6. OKC- Willie Cauley-Stein - C

OKC needs to find a permanent, long-term, replacement at center.

7. Detroit- Marcus Smart - PG/SG

Smart will provide scoring and defense for a team that turns the ball over a ton.

8. Orlando- Isaiah Austin - PF/C

Trying to find post help since Dwight Howard was traded.

9. Sacramento- CJ McCollum - PG/SG

Another team that needs a PG who can limit turnovers and create for teammates.

10. Philly- James Mcadoo - PF

Bynum blew up in their face and need to create some sort of front court.

11. Dallas- Mason Plumlee - PF

Need the hustle player that can rebound and follow up after Dirk.

12. Phoenix- Otto Porter - SG

The 1, 3, 4 and 5 are locked up. They need a SG.

13. Minnesota- Glen Robinson III - SF

They are the worst 3pt shooting team in the league- it isn't even close.

14. Charlotte- Michael-Carter Williams - PG

Aside from help down-low, scoring is something the Bobcats will need help with.

(Might try and trade this to move up or couple with player(s) at trade deadline.)

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not bad, i could see it going something like that, still very early. Anthony Bennett from UNLV is going to be a top 10 pick. I would probably put him in there for Plumlee.

Another player I'm still liking in the midround is Jeff Withey, watching him i know he wont be a star in the NBA but he is a cant miss solid rotation player in the NBA. reminds me of Omar Asik from Houston. Withey will box out and fight for rebounds, can block shots with either hand and has some offense ability with his back to the basket. All that said I probably wouldnt take him over Carter-Williams though

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Rather take Len at 2 then Noel. Then maybe Goodwin at 14. Also Shabazz is dropping a bit while Mclemore has sored and will probably end up being the first pick.

Or Maybe McLemore/Shabazz with the first pick then someone like Olynyk at 14.

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How long do we wait until Bizz reaches potential?

I don't see why people are so harsh on Biz. The kid is improving dramatically. Hes our best rebounder on this team.

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I was in the Len > Noel camp, but now I'm not so sure. I think that at the very least Noel will be a Tyson Chandler / Marcus Camby type of player. I would be pretty happy with that level of impact. Although Noel is already a better shot blocker than Chandler, and Noel gets like 2.5 steals per game.

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