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Dave Gettleman & Ron Rivera On WFNZ The Drive at 4 and 5pm Today

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I just came to post that chiknwing. This honky grandpa be trippin' yo. I can't believe the words Ray Lewis is selfish came out of his mouth. Dude is the epitome of a hater. I love how he got cut off the air.

Yeah, he seemed to have a issue with a few people ( :devil:) , and Ray was currently on his list.

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Rivera claimed, Shula did a great job on the interview (that was his first answer to the question), and said he had the right ideas where the Offense was going, and what things that needed to corrected, and the explanations why. He felt his knowledge of the offense and what needed to fixed was key.

He also addressed his relationship with Cam Newton and maintaining continuity.

He also said, Shula's learned from his mistakes prior, and deserves a chance.

When asked about Shula's play calling. He felt that he's learned a lot both as a past coordinator, and here with the Panthers can help. The one answer that made no sense, is when he discussed "Shula's success at Alabama" as a justification for his qualifications.

He felt Mike really measured up to the other candidates (despite their track records), and he knew, understood their offense and what packages needed to be run.

Sounds to me like: He knew his job was on his ass, and didn't want any screw ups. LOL

But it also sincerely sounded like, he felt Shula knew how to best utilize Cam, the other offensive players and how to work well (i.e. better than Chud, though he didn't say that) with the offensive coaches.

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I'm having a hard time listening to him talk. It's like my brain is zoning him out whenever he speaks.

He always sounds the same, with the same tone. It's kinda like how he stands on the sideline.

He claimed the biggest thing he had to learn was "Managing the football" team. He claimed that's what he had to learn and grow.

Well, how about Managing a damn game Ron!!!

He also had the nerve to bring up Belechick, Bill Walsh, and "Rome wasn't built in a day", as far as why he's still learning and should be given a chance. LOL

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He was asked about having a HC on the team, after he said he could have used/needed one previously. And he kinda laughed it off, and claimed that he already took the lumps himself, which seems like he won't do it anymore. He said if he finds one; yes! But he doesn't feel it's paramount anymore.

He also reiterated, he "could match X & O's with anyone, but he had to learn to manage and micro-manage the coaches, coach the coaches, the team, etc., and even bigged up Brandon Beane big time, for helping him understand the various parameters and responsibilities of his job. WTF!? LOL

When asked about him being too passive, he claimed that was the first 8 games, but said not the last 8. He said "watch him". He also said, that when Cam got hurt in NO, he said he didn't go out to Cam, he said, he went out to the O-Line and yelled at them, saying "This Can't Happen Again!".

He claimed he was more passionate, said "watch me (to the host)", and had no problem admitting that he was learning, continues to learn, but nonetheless is better prepared for 2013.

Damn!! As much as I don't want to like this guy: You can't help but like or respect his clueless ASS!! LOL

I hope it works out for him.

That was for you Ivan The Awesome. I know you couldn't get the feed.

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