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Panthers hire Ken Dorsey as QB coach

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Have you seen him on the sidelines? Almost every time I watch him there he's got everyone huddled around him showing them what to look at and look for from the defense and how to best attack. On Denver especially he's got some young receivers that's he's molding into his weapons. I never really saw him as selfish. I just think if he did make his run at a qb coach oc or HC he'd be good is all I'm saying. Probably wont happen though cause after he's done playing he'll have enough money to keep his wife home and fug her all day and not care lol

That's cause he's trying to win within the context of a game. That's not surprising.

However, that has nothing to do with his willingness to help/teach (or his UN-willingness to help and teach) any young or back up quarterback. Two different things (though I understand what you're saying).

After his career, I see him more as a GM or part of an ownership group, like someone said earlier.

If he ever coaches, god bless him.

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