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The NFL Fines Gore but not Brady

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I wouldn't be too concerned. The NFL has been consistent in fines for players that don't abide by the uniform code.

I suspect they are gonna hit Brady with a 20k fine or so. If they don't fine him, then I would be pissed.

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I know some here are going to scream about pointing out the double standard (or convince themselves there wasn't one). However there was!

Cam was clearly trying to protect him self from being part of a scrum--while on his back--on the ground with people on top of him. That was his way of getting up, clearing space or stopping the scrum upon him. Simple!

Brady on the other hand, threw a kick in anticipation of what he expected (and clearly directed at one guy approaching him--Ed Reed), while he was completely isolated and going down on his own.

In other words: Cam's kick was purely defensive. Brady's kick was Offensive (though he or some may argue it was defensive). I would say more preventative, cause nothing had happened to him yet, unlike Cam who was at the bottom of a pile trying to protect himself.

Yes, Brady should have been fined.

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