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Obama: "If I had a son, I wouldnt let him play football"

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dugbug    404

fugging offseason... I wish you guys would go back to talking about football so us noncontributing lurkers have something to read besides all this politicrap.

What I wouldn't give for a new Mr. Scot thread right about now...

Amen. I have started just checking the forum once a week. Gettleman is old cam is mean our oc is doomed blah blah

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tiger7_88    13,878


It is a fact.

He was a male cheerleader.

OK, good point.

Michelle Obama only LOOKS like a linebacker, but she actually isn't, so your point is noted.

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xerxes    1,050

Poor kid can't even ride in the car under this logic! ATV's and go karts are definitely out of the realm of possibilities! Being a kid just isn't as fun as it used to be! Just living out their wild side killing people on the video games.............seems logical

Actually no. This logic is a simple matter of risk vs return. Let's use stock investment as an analogy. In theory, potential return should be proportional to potential risk. For example, Greek government bonds are north of 10 percent because there's a higher potential for default. Thus, a higher return must be offered to offset this risk. Conversely, US government bonds are south of 2 percent because despite our inexplicable inability to manage our fiscal problems, we're still the safest game in town.

So football has a high risk profile due to the high contact nature of the sport. Add that in with inexperienced youth league coaches who may not always have safety in mind, and it's a fairly high risk proposition. Even in professional sports, the average baseball player makes more than the average football player and baseball is mostly guaranteed money.

But realistically, the vast majority if not all of our sons aren't playing professional sports. So the rewards of sports activities, learning about character and teamwork and having fun and the like. Well it's not like football is infinity better at these things than other comparable sports. There is no offsetting reward to compensate for the higher risk.

In short, playing football is a bad investment precisely because there are other sports that could achieve similar results with lower risk.

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PhillyB    40,685

so wait six pages and not one person has brought up the fact that the real quote was "I'd think long and hard before I'd let my son play football?"

jeeeeesus god

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rodeo    14,059

THE MARINES STILL USE BAYONETS oh what he said something else and i'm arguing against shadows oh well back to flamin hot cheetos.

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Davidson Deac II    4,363

Smh off-season

Just like that manti teo poo. Not Panthers news at all

Not true. I heard that our third string linebacker tweeted something today that could be taken as mildly insulting towards our 4th string corner back. :)

Oh and the probowl is on, if anyone cares.

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