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Seriously, fug this state(voter id)

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Besides all the stuff like this, YOU ALL KNOW WHY THIS IS DONE. It's not to "prevent voter fraud", you all know this, yet continue to play this idiotic "come on now, what's so bad about it?" bullshit. Just grow up.

All we hear about is how terrible big government is, and how we need to cut spending...but hey now, new government programs where we spend money on doing the least amount needed to not get our partisan VoteRid laws thrown out? What a bargain!

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Decent commentsfrom a blue state reporter on the issue and a state that has a strict voter id law.

The way this plays out these days is that Republicans call for voter ID laws to prevent fraud, then Democrats denounce them as racists who are trying to block minorities from voting.

So, I went to vote in Hawaii's primary election on Saturday and was reminded that Hawaii is one of those states that requires voters to show a photo ID. The Office of Elections is quite clear on what kind of ID is acceptable to vote or even to register to vote in the first place.

And all of this in a state that is a bastion of the Democratic Party and where large numbers of apparently not-disenfranchised minorities manage to vote just fine.

So what gives? Nationally, Republican fears of voter fraud are probably overstated. But Democratic accusations that such laws are somehow inherently racist seem needlessly inflammatory and divisive. Perhaps our esteemed Sen. Daniel Inouye could inject a little even-handedness into this debate by reminding his peers in the Democratic Party that Hawaii has exactly the same kind of law, enacted out of no antipathy for minorities and resulting in no civil rights crisis whatsoever.

The national debate on this topic is missing an important perspective: voter ID laws aren't even primarily about controlling or enabling voter behavior, despite the rhetoric to that effect. They're about government itself demonstrating to its citizens that it ran a clean, fair election with results that can be trusted. Voting is a members-only right, so it seems reasonable to expect government to do its due diligence in making sure elections are actually restricted to citizens. I think that's what Hawaii was aiming for in its own voter ID laws, dating back to some previous generation of good-government type Democrats who valued public trust. I don't know why the current generation feels the need to insist that the path of social justice requires the government to say, "Yeah, we pretty much handed a ballot to anyone who walked in the door, no questions asked."

Personally, I don't think that NC should enact a voter id law, because its probably not necessary and would cost to much to enact it properly. But I wouldn't foolishly assign racist motives to it, especially since voter id laws have been enacted in several blue states.

Fwiw, if we do enact voter id laws, I think they should model Hawaii's, so that their are alternatives when the voter is unable to produce a valid photo id.

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what's the point of that article? that if the democratic party is responsible for it, it's ok? that line of thinking really only works on partisan morons so i can see why you've taken to it

or is it that we shouldn't have to justify laws themselves but instead prove why we shouldn't have them? that sure doesn't sound very "small government" of you.

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LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas Strip casino worker who agreed to plead guilty to trying to vote twice in the November presidential election thrust herself into Nevada’s voter photo ID debate on Thursday, saying she was trying to show how easy it would be to vote with just a signature.

“This has always been an issue with me. I just feel the system is flawed,” Roxanne Rubin said in the court hallway after agreeing to plead guilty to a gross misdemeanor that in Nevada that could carry a penalty of up to a year in jail.


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I don't see the part where he said republicans tho???

Who's running THIS state...

I love how liberals pull out the semantic bibles out to mask the obvious.

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Have to show ID to buy alcohol - Gotta have ID to cash a check - gotta have ID to get something notarized

so why is it a big deal to show an ID to vote?

Go to the DMV and get a friggin ID card - its not rocket science - problem solved.

I've not got alot of sympathy for US Citizens not having an ID when my wife has 4 forms of ID and she is not a US Citizen!

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No...getting free cigarettes or booze for your vote does.

They have to have an ID to buy booze or cigarettes. An ID cost around $10 and is necessary to do pretty much anything in life. You can't get a job without an ID of some sort, only undocumented immigrants really have an excuse not to have an ID, and they should not be voting anyways.

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