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DARPA and the ARGUS-IS Drone camera.

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I just dont understand the need for them to watch us. They work for us, if anything we should be watching them.

You say that they have no interest in watching us, if that is so, then why are they deploying all of this technology to do exactly that?

And yes, maybe we are boring and they are not watching us in particular... that doesnt always mean that things will always stay that way. We cant see the future... there could be a civil war or an uprising in the near future, or some home grown terror attack that could change our country overnight. Look how much it has changed in 12 years alone...

Why is it that I am lunatic fringe because I do not want military technology flying over my head by a government that the people trust less and less every day?

I'm not saying that you are part of the lunatic fringe, just that some of the slippery slope arguments sound like their talking points.

That the are watching us is an assumption on your part. I dont believe that is is a logical step to think that just because they have the tech means they are using it domestically. That's not to say that I think these drones have never taken pictures of US soil and US citizens but to suggest there is a sustained and comprehensive operation to monitor the citizenry is a few steps too far in my mind. And in order for it to approach the realm of violating my freedoms, the operation would need to be very close to 24/7 border to border surveillance.

And that's what this is about to me. Are they violating my freedoms and rights by using these devices domestically? I'm not concerned with some future civil conflict that might happen where having had the drones deployed would give the government some advantage. I'm concerned with my right to be free from unwarranted search, my right to freedom of association and movements, and my right to privacy where it can be reasonably expected. And in the end I dont see how this drone with this camera reduces or in any way infringes on any of those freedoms.

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