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UNC @ Boston College

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Yeah what were those glasses all about? I wasn't really listening.

Helps him learn to catch the ball better and also helps his basketball visuals...

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This 5hr energy commercial is extremely gay and one of the worst commercials I've ever seen. It makes me want to never buy one of those things again. I want to superkick that guy.

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But Johnson doesn't have that good of a defense either... and can't rebound that well. I believe he does have way more potential than Simmons but neither should be starting

Difference is Johnson has room to grow on defense, he's already the 2nd best shot blocker on the team (yeah thats sad) and he is good at staying in front of his man even if he cant stop him in the post. Simmons is a better rebounder, but this team already rebounds well (when PJ and Reggie hit the glass like they have lately).

But the biggest difference is Johnson adds a whole new dimension to the half court offense- the ability to throw it in the post, which is how Roy traditionally runs the offense. Sure he probably doesnt deserve to start yet, but neither do any of the other big men, so fug it I think he should start. The team next year will be better if he gets more pt now

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