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In Panthers Official News Feeds Being an Omen of Future Moves News...

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Who cares about the title...

This was just on my facebook feed from the Panthers official page:

We've all seen before how rarely, if ever, does anything come out of our organization without some purpose or greater implication behind it. It doesn't matter if it's an article, a poll, a picture, or whatever... We saw it with the Hurney situation and then when Rivera was retained... All of the articles and forms of media coming out of there pointed to what was the ultimate outcome.

Then, with guys like Deangelo, where you can tell he was being dangled out there, they stay mum for the most part.

So, now, we have them posting this pic of Captain and asking fans to caption it. Do you think they'd be doing this for a guy that's getting ready to walk? I think you know the answer... And I agree, this thread sucks donkey balls. Enjoy.

EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Some muthaf%%%r took a mcnabb right on the field

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it's not a bad thing that he stays.

I want him to stay.

I just don't want him to start (unless you consider the nickel back a starter).

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Captain calls into a radio station occasionally here in Mobile. He called in a few days ago and said that he'd met with Gettleman and some coaches and they said they liked him a lot. He mentioned being a UFA and that he might actually test the market and there's no telling where he might end up. He even mentioned New Orleans but I feel like he was just throwing a name out there. He also said that he loved being a Carolina Panther and said he thinks we have something special building here.

And no, I don't have a link

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Let the new uniform myth begin.

Just to supplement that, there were some interesting tid bits in this article.


Longtime equipment manager Jackie Miles will be among the first to know if the Panthers will break out the black pants again in 2013, but it's still to be determined. Jersey colors won't be known until close to the start of the preseason, and pant colors typically aren't announced. In fact, Panthers players didn't even know they were going to wear black pants against the Broncos until they arrived at the stadium on game day.

"The players loved them; it was a nice surprise. I've heard only positive feedback from them. I personally liked them," Miles said. "I'm sure that sometime during the offseason, (team president) Danny Morrison and I will sit down and will map out a plan for when to use them. I don't know how often we're going to use them, but we'll come up with a plan and run it by Mr. (Jerry) Richardson and all the powers that be and then see what we come up with."

But now there are new possibilities, and it's possible that you'll see a couple of them in the near future.

"I have looked at all the color combinations," Miles said. "I do like the black on black. I wouldn't mind seeing the black pants with the blue jerseys. I'd personally like to stay with the white on white, but I would like to wear our colored jerseys a little bit more often than we have in the past.

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Every time someone mentions Jackie Miles, I think back to his refusal to issue jersey number 51 until it was officially retired by the team.

Always liked that about him.

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I would actually like to see some change in the uniforms. The white ones bother me so much, and I don't think it is because we see them all the time. I hate that the road uniforms look like they belong to a different team. We really need to do something about that.

Maybe black pants/blue jersey/silver helmet at home and black pants/white jersey/silver helmet on the road?

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