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The Rivera-Cam Regime: 2 years and 32 games in

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What's your favorite win: Falcons 2012, the most complete game we have played.

Describe your mood about the team with keywords: Disappointed

Rate it out of 10: 5

Favorite/Least Favorite acquisition: Favourite: Olsen, least favourite: Naka

Worst Loss: Giants 2012

Favorite draft pick: Cam (Keek has been great, but Cam filled a far more pertinent need)

Most memorable moment: Fumblerooskie against the Texans/ The Kracken telling the Falcons to get the **** of his field.

Will 2013 be Rivera's last season? I think so

Approve or Disapprove of our current direction Too early to say, will have to see how Gettleman handles free agency and the draft.

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I prefer to think that I am more balanced and able to see both sides. I have criticized Rivera for lots of things. ...........

You are one of the sharpest guys on this Forum and I respect your opinion but Rivera is water under the bridge for me.

I expect very little from the Panthers next year even in their ability to compete for the NFC South, not to mention the NFC as a whole.

The recent coaching hires are very underwhelming and at this point it's as much ownership as coaching staff.

My hopes are Gettleman does an excellent job in the draft, makes the tough calls on roster cuts and restructures and gets Carolina to a point where the Cap issues are no longer dictating foolish moves but rather we stay a step ahead.

Ultimately I want this team to be a clean slate free of contract problems and with good young talent and the ability to use Free Agency wisely so whatever Coaching regime is here in 2014 can utilize every tool available to get this Franchise winning again.

We need that Blue Sky for us Panther fans and for our Franchise (Cam) to feel good about staying here in Carolina and bringing us a Lombardi someday soon.

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I pretty much agree with everyone else on the who and what. So I am going to skp to the future prognosis.

I think that Rivera will learn from these mistakes and while he might make news one, he won't keep repeating the same one of the past. I think the talent on the team will be as good or better than it was last year thanks to Gettleman. And I think we will make the 5 or 6 plays we didn't make this year that made the difference between a 7-9 team and a 10-6 team .

And You my friend pretty much nailed it. I would like to add on thing if I may.

The only thing I would like to add, is the fact that I belive this team won during the last half of last year not because of the level of competition. But because they were a good team. It played solid with regards to technice and scheme. They were sharper on the field with less penalties and WTF moments. The offense was more balls to the walls and agressive, and the players responded. And the D, was great. Even with unproven DBs.

When Gettlemen adds some talent this year, it should put us right back in the game. I see no reason not to be optimistic. But then again, I have faith in Rivera and Gettlemen. So it is much easier for me.

Just wanted to get that out there. And GOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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