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The Luv Sponge

Quick Question

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panthers55    5,342

Thank you for the info everything matches up to being real.

Congrats. I have a number of things he signed. They don't have certificates of authenticity but I saw him sign them if front of me. I went on the Panthers cruise a few years back. When he was signing he was funny about people not taking his picture while he signed because he didn't want them to sell them and post the picture as proof he signed it. I won't ever sell them so it doesn't matter.

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Hotsauce    3,651

Not to be a smartass but who cares if its real or not? It's a gift from the lady....enjoy it for what it is!

I mean if I bought ny wife a Gucci purse and I found out she was reseaching it to make sure its real, I'd be pissed and my feelings would be hurt.

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The Luv Sponge    188

I of course thanked her first Smith has been my favorite panther since he joined the team. I know she spent a lot of money she doesn't have.

As for being whiny I don't see how it came across as that. Like the title states just had a quick question as to how to make sure it was authentic. First signed jersey I've ever got and I know this is the first one she's ever bought.

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