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J-Rich-Gett-Mara Connection: Worth Keeping An Eye On?

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Man, I admit, I am putting too much time into this Panthers-Giants thing, but it's nearly the culmination of the 2012 season, and the Panthers' off season began weeks ago. My NFL---Panthers---withdrawal has apparently already begun, so like many of us I am trying to fill in the gap until preseason with something---anything---before I go stir crazy for lack of seeing black and teal on the turf.

The Richardson-Gettleman-Mara connection is perhaps being overstated on my part, especially looking at the cap situation of both clubs. Perhaps I am naive to think that we can, and will, work something out, but I believe that the connection could be understated as well. We all know it's there, like the big, grey elephant in the room, but it's so obvious that it could mean "everything" and nothing.

I already mentioned Chris Canty, Corey Webster, and Antrel Rolle. I didn't mention David Diehl, but you never know. And Osi Umeniora wants to start somewhere instead of being a situational player. And, perhaps the most realistic option that may show up on our horizon is Charlotte native, Hakeem Nicks. I don't think the Giants are really gonna let Victor Cruz get away, but Mara has already said that Cruz wants too much money, so could they realistically keep both when all is said and done? Could we work out some mega-trade involving high profile players (like a Greg Hardy, Jonathan Stewart, or Charles Johnson ) or draft picks to land Cruz in Carolina? Would Panthers fans even want that, or think that it's even possible? The so far oft-injured Nicks, as well as guys like Deangelo Williams, Jon Beason, and Umeniora have to begin to think about their legacies, history, and what's best for their families. Life and football choices, as well as contractual concessions are gonna have to be made. How soon do Richardson and Gettleman want to raise that Lombardi, and, more importantly, do they feel they have the time to build from the ground up through the draft, particularly with Richardson's health issues? Moreover, Richardson has already given us a display of his electric carving knife, and we all know that he esteems an organization like the Giants who makes historically smart, conservative financial-personnel decisions. With Gettleman in the "middle", I just have a gut feeling that something is coming. Like I said, could be nothing. But, at least it's something that adds to the mystery of our off-season----something that provides plenty of hypotheses and imagination.

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Hell no to Hardy or CJ for Cruz. I'd be ok for something like Deangelo + Beason for Nicks though :) Hate to lose them, they're two of my favorite players, but something has to give in this cap fiasco and I know trading those two won't help us immediately, but it will for the long term. Hell, their CBs aren't great. Toss in Gamble, he'd be their best CB. They should be in win (more) now mode, so his age shouldn't be a big factor.

But I agree with you on one thing, you're probably overstating this connection :) The most I'd realistically expect see out of it is a draft day trade (#14 for their #19 and 3rd round or something to that effect).

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The deciding factor is money. It's always money. The possibility is there but the determining factor for any of this to happen is money.

Even if we do shave a significant amount of money from the cap, there are even more obstacles that need to be passed before this scenario to even be considered in the realm of plausible. So lets set aside this, and pretend our cap is in good shape.

Cruz himself is from around the area, It's NY, he's made a name for himself there. NY is a lot more attractive than Carolina. I'm not in the mind of Cruz at all, so I'm not sure what he is thinking. He could look at the Rosters and say that NY has a more attractive roster. At the same time he could say and see that in NY he would have to compete for that #1 spot with Nicks and maybe the ascension of another WR. Randell, etc. Does he want another ring? I would say yes. So he could go that route and say which team will win another SB? Giants are closer than the Panthers.

Pretending our Cap is in a better situation Cruz could be lured here by Gettleman, the chance to play with Cam, seeing that we're on the doorstep of the playoffs. That could entice him in addition to a better contract from us than from NY. He'd be the #1 for sure here, even with Smitty, heck there'd be a competition on the field all the time.

....but. our cap isn't magically on the plus side. So even with shedding player after player we'd still be a day late and a dollar short for him. He'd want too much money for us to even entertain him.

It's nice to day dream though.

The thing that has me giddy though is that Gettleman has a knack to find such talents as cruz. SO we may get our own cruz without having to pay an exuberant amount of money for him.

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