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Super Bowl XLVII thread

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Davidson Deac II    4,374

Baltimore gets the ball first. If they can score a td on the first series, that might be it for the 49ers. The Ravens need to keep their foot on the pedal.

Regarding the music, they want someone that is going to keep people watching the show. Some band that that 80% of viewers would have to google just to find out who they are isn't going to keep them watching.

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TheRed    18,343

Okay, I managed to sit through that entire crap fest of a halftime show.

San Francisco better put up a fight or something.

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Dex    12,316

I truly was expecting an appearance by the guy who sings Gangnam Style.

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TheRumGone    14,371

FUN would have been better i wish freddie mercury was still alive DAMN YOU AIDS.

At the rate I'm going ill probably be screaming Bohemian Rhapsody by the end of the night.

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This is the last thing I'll say regardless of response....you must not be a fan of Cam. Cause he is the closest thing to Cam in the NFL. Cam is definetly bulkier though. His passing ability for a 8 game QB is exquisite. He makes some of the same throws He will only get better, like we hope Cam will. And they both will. They are the future along with RG3, Wilson and Luck. The fact that he is playing with this amount of poise in the Superbowl is amazing. All that said, I take Cam over him anyday and twice on sundays.

i'm sorry saying he is overrated is just dumb to me. Don't mean to call you dumb but that opinion is. Kaep is an amazing player, we have never seen anything like Kaep. (the situation he was put in and how he rose and exceeded to the expectations).

You dont have to respond, but the truth is this option thing will not last. Certain offenses may keep it as a trick play type of deal, but it will not remain as effective. You started to see the change towards the end of the season. I know a lot of people are enamored with it right now but it will pass. Thats what separates Cam, RG3 and Luck. They can read defenses and throw on time. They all can run, Cam and Luck are about the same speed and RG3 is blazing of course. Cam and RG3 have been given license to run at an early age and excelled at it, not unlike many other QB's. But there was a reason they were all considered top three draft picks and Wilson and Kaep were not. Does he show some promise, absolutely as does Wilson, Tannehill, Locker (lesser extent, lol), and Ponder.

B.L.U.F. I have a problem putting anybody in the same category as Cam. I've watched every snap of RG3, Luck, Wilson, and Kaep and many of the other young QB's, and I stand by this ranking.

1. Cam (By Far!!!)

2. Dalton (dont hate!!!! going into his 3rd year as opposed to his 2 will be a big deal)

3. Rg3 (ball placement is unbelievable)

4. Wilson (presnap decision making is really good but it causes him to key in on receivers too much)

5. Ponder (experience places him over Luck)

6. Luck (reckless with the football, his decisions are generally good but he tends to be predetermine his receiver leading to interceptions.)

7. Kaep (he just doesn't have the experience)

8. Tannehill (shows flashes, but may be a product of a bad team)

10. Weeden, Gabbert, Locker. (they suck in different ways to varying degrees)

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Awesome show. Sorry people that wanted lynyrd skynyrd or some other bullshit.

neckbeards on here would probably prefer metallica or some poo.

it wasn't that great, but it really wasn't worth bitching over

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