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Jacoby Jones vs Anquan Boldin

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I heard a rumor (NFL network analyst during a podcast) that both of these players may become cap casualties in order to sign Flacco to his money. This got me to thinking about each of their contributions to the team. If they become FA's this offseason they will each garner massive contracts on new teams. And few if any teams would be able to pay both of them what they deserve at the same time

My question then is if they both are available which is more valuable.

Jacoby Jones speed and big play ability.


Anquan Boldin's size, sure handedness and clutchness in the redzone.

your thoughts please.

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I just wanted to bump this thread and add new info. According to Fox Sports Boldin has been given an ultimatum of get released or restructure. The report is that he will retire if released, so that probably means that he doesn't expect to restructure since he likely would have kept his mouth closed.

p.s. the number is 7.5 million

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