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You select next years SB halftime show...

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L-TownCat    12,182

I keep seeing it over and over, the killers are garbage. Garbage I tell you. Not one song do I like.

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tukafan21    291

The problem with a lot of these bands is the set up they would require to put on their kind of show, they're saying that might be an issue next year because in the cold weather it takes much longer to do the setup and tear down for these kind of halftime shows, so they may not be possible.

I don't see the NFL doing it, but I think a very safe pick that will still impress would be someone like Adele

No, she wouldn't be anywhere near my top choice, but they could throw her out there with basically no stage and have her show off that voice. It wouldn't be a traditional SB halftime show, but it would be logistically feasible and would probably be one of the better halftime performances in a long time, because she can flat out sing

Having said that, I'd love to see Mumford up there, maybe have Fun do a collaboration with someone would be nice too

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Bwood    190

Muse please.

This is the only good answer so far.

Muse is the most complete and talented rock group we have around right now.

And they are absolutely incredible live, you should've seen them at the staples center a week ago. I've seen a lot of good rock shows but my god...

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