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Jeff Adrien, Charlotte Bobcats

The undrafted, 6-foot-7 power forward is all hustle. His offensive game is unrefined, but he’s the type to capitalize on a pick-and-roll gone wrong, squeeze through a put-back attempt off an offensive rebound or be in prime position when a teammate creates a turnover. He has that unteachable knack for being in the right place when the game turns chaotic, and often he’s the beneficiary of those fringe buckets found as a result of broken fast breaks or botched play action.

Part of the reason for that is Adrien’s rebounding focus, an orientation that largely gets him moving toward the rim as an offensive sequence develops. As a result of his board-seeking nature, Adrien is never really caught out of position. His limited game and lack of size can get him into trouble at times, but he’s generally found within a few hard dribbles of the rim and understands how to make an impact with his hustle without getting in the way of the play action. That in itself is an underrated skill; it can be difficult for a midseason addition to know where to be in breakdown situations (he’s played just 20 games with the Bobcats after starting the season in the D-League, but Adrien’s instincts have given him some instant chemistry to fuel his per-minute productivity.

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