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Gettleman expected to release Gamble

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 03:24 AM

I think this move is going to be huge. I love Gamble, but we need to move away from holding onto mediocrity .



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Posted 10 February 2013 - 04:30 AM


Point remains, D was strong in 2012 and 2010....without him.

He has never been consistent. Overpaid guy that only lived up to his deal one year

All time leader in INTs for the team inconsistent? If he wasnt consistent leading up to John Fox's exit i dont know what it is.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 04:50 AM

All time leader in INTs for the team inconsistent? If he wasnt consistent leading up to John Fox's exit i dont know what it is.

First. We're a young franchise, leading the franchise in interceptions isn't really all that hard. Jake Delhomme is the all-time passing leader after all.........Cam is already 4th.

Second. He has never been consistent after he got paid.

Third. He isn't physical, you need physical corners nowadays, especially with our scheme.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:09 AM

Here comes the roster purge, I just hope we actually sign some free agents with the cap well be saving

Don't hold your breff

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:29 AM

I wonder what it's like personally to ask a player to restructure? Do they tell them how it is? Or do they make it sound like restructuring is the better deal.... I mean of course it has to be the better deal or players wouldn't sign period. But do they say like "Do this or were going to cut you anyways and you could end up with any team for far less." Or do they go: "You can restructure and help the team out immensely and be on the verge of winning of a championship and if things work out this year, major money for you."?

Restructuring isn't an insult....they don't pay a player less. Restructure usually results in a player getting more guaranteed money

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:36 AM

This probably has to be done. I don't blame the front office a bit, we can't really afford to pay that much for a guy who only has a couple of good years left.

That being said, there are several myths about Gamble mentioned on this thread that are somewhat ridiculous.

One, he has been a very good and very consistent corner for us over the years.

Two, he hasn't been injured very much. He missed 20 out of a 144 potential starts, before last year 8 out of 128. Thats hardly a lot. Its actually very good.

It might be time for him to go, in part due to our poor salary cap managment, but to say he hasn't been very good for us is ridiculous. If other players had performed as well as Chris, we would have a few more playoff wins.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:43 AM

Completely rebuild.

Axe stew AND dwill, dare I say.

I honestly think neither are extreme threats anymore. I remember they were both subject to break huge runs any second, now they fight for every yard they can get.

Axing Stew or Dwill does nothing to help our cap this year if anything it'll hurt us. And their going to be hard to trade. I think Deangelo's becomes easier to cut him next year, not sure. Maybe could restructure though. I think if we beef up the oline and start calling pro style runs again they will bounce back. Deangelo broke several runs the last few games when we changed the O up.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 09:07 AM

I never understood the great love, or dislike for that matter, for Chris Gamble.

...seen every game since the Panthers started, gone to most games at the stadium...few and far between did Gamble make the winning play for this team....frankly, all I remember of him was his attempt to be a QB a few years ago on special teams that ended poortly.

Compare and contrast Gamble's contract to performance vs thsoe of the Seattle CBs....those players make a fraction combined of what Gamble makes.

It's time the Panthers' understand what all other better teams know, the number of players who deserve those big contracts are few and far between...better to replace them and move on.....look at the Patriots and its hard to find players not named Brady who are getting major bucks.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 11:26 AM

Good move. Hope to see some more cuts like this as well as reworking some deals (see: pay cut, not just shifting cap hits into the future).

Championship teams aren't built by handing out massive contracts left and right. Just about every non-rookie contract on the books is bad (excluding the bottom of the roster league minimum guys). The sooner we start fixing Hurney's mess the better.

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Peppers90 NC

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 11:33 AM

my last good memory of him was his pick6 vs tampa back in like 05, bad memories were a little more recent. he did play well in 08 and in 11, never had high int numbers kinda reminded me of a poor mans champ baily

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