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N Korea at it again...

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I was in SK for 3 years and I just left 8 months ago. I personally do not feel that NK is a legitimate threat to invade or make war. China usually is the moderator in any dispute and will undoubtedly make a public statement of disapproval of this action. If that doesn't happen maybe there would be a concern but not a major one. Basically NK has the food resources to feed its army for a war measured in days not years. They are truly a starving society with thousands dieing every day. There biggest source of imported food guessed it...SK. And China is not known for providing aid and only entered the war in the first place IOT to prevent the US from gaining influence that close to its borders. They are actually on the verge of reintegration but it was put on hold when Kim Jong Il died. The son is not well respected by the military is a risk of assasination by his own people.

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