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Corradell Patterson Writeup.

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see Cam vs. RG3/Michael Vick.

No Cam is just smarter then those 2. He doesn't take unnecessary hits like those 2. Cam gets down he is a smart runner. It has nothing to do with his size. Roethlisberger is way bigger then Brees but is hurt more then Brees.

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Like Boldin who has had more injuries then Steve Smith who is smaller. Nicks is bigger then Cruz and who has been more injured again?

But let's stop with these examples because the whole point is stupid. Being more injury prone has nothing to do with size.

My point was how the players play makes them more or less susceptible to injuries.

No, the point matters. The fact that you can come up with a few counterexamples doesn't invalidate the general rule. Smaller players have more trouble staying healthy in the league. It's just true. Like how guys with ACL injuries sometimes have issues staying healthy after having their knee reconstructed.

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