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Aliens/UFO's and recent worldwide government disclosure!

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I could go on forever but skimming through there you will find all the same stuff I looked at. I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories. That doesn't mean the the government tells us everything, I just believe that since the government is made up of living breathing human beings, it is really impossible to keep a secret. Husbands tell their wives, wives tell their husbands etc.. and eventually every secret comes out.

But this mess I have been coming across is awful intriguing. These are reputable, and credible witnesses from high levels of government and they are talking on national tv. That has to count for something.

So from what I gather the story goes that first contact was made around 1939. Contact was made in the US as well as in Germany. German scientists began reverse engineering the EM/Magnetic flight technology and built air capable flying saucers. After the war the UFO's began taking a keen interest in Nuclear testing being done around the world and began to appear all over the place. For some reason an aircraft crashed in Roswell, (i know, i know, but bear with me) and the US acquired its own tech to reverse engineer. The result of which was the space program, microchip, stealth bomber, SR-71 black bird and various others. The kicker however was that the US developed its own Flying saucers. During the space walks and moon landings, astronauts had several sightings of strange objects that seemed intelligently controlled. During the subsequent 50+ years there have been countless sightings by governments across the world and an agreement was made by them at the behest of the CIA to not disclose it to the public on the promise that the coverup would only be temporary. The Nixon administration was set to begin disclosure but the watergate incident happened and Americans garnered an intense distrust of the US government. So disclosure was put off indefinitely but because of recent pressure from friendly nations the US has begun a slow "leak" of information in order to gauge public opinion of the UFO phenomenon. This is being done through tv documentaries and news outlets who have begun "revisiting" past sightings and taking "a second look" at the strange light phenomenon captured in space by NASA. There has been very little actual contact even though there have been numerous sightings. Because of this there is no percieved threat from the UFO's and no hurry to divulge everything.

Okay first off, I am not crazy. Before you start to flame me, take a second and review the interviews and NASA space shuttle and ISS footage. Afterwards rewatch any of the UFO documentaries made by Discovery Channel, The History Channel, or Nat Geo keeping the recent interviews in mind. Then you can tell me that this stuff is nonsense. But seriously has noone else noticed this?

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