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"Knock out" teen shot breaking/entering

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you started the thread, then found yourself incapable of defending your objectification. you're correct that, personally, i think that you're a waste of oxygen; however, i'm not interested in discussing the intricacies of YOUR ideology with your lackeys

good. if you'll recall, kurb told me that i am free to respond to personal attacks with personal attacks. don't expect me to show you any respect when you enter a thread with posts that are entirely limited to your dumb "lol do u evn read" bullshit

i don't care. your opinions are generally poo.

Pretty much the exact response I expected.

it is no one's responsibility to "teach people to not be victims" (what the fug does this even mean anyway? is this like that "she shouldn't have worn that dress" defense?) in fact, it's virtually impossible in MANY cases for an individual to avoid the systemic causes of victimization, regardless of whether or not a kid was told by his parents "now don't go out and be brutalized by the police" or "don't get turned down for that job because your name is 'too ethnic'."

shifting focus from the oppressor to the victim is textbook "victim blaming." pretending that there aren't real forces that keep people in poverty (which is disproportionately black for some reason hmmmm) is a tacit argument that people aren't really victims of a systemically classist and racist society, this of course being objectively wrong. it's almost as if neither of you know what victimization actually is! and for that reason you two could never actually understand what victim blaming is! and you should post stop posting about things that you absolutely refuse to understand!

I don't really care why.

Urban, redneck, big city, small town or whatever; if you're just gonna declare yourself a victim and teach your kids that all the cards are stacked against them and they have no chance no matter what they do, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, your kids will fail, and it'll be largely your fault.

Tell them instead that whatever obstacles they face can be conquered, they still could fail for any number of reasons but at least you taught them to work rather than whine.

I misspoke... you cannot "teach" someone to not be a victim. That was not what I intended to say.

Mr Scot was saying that instead of teaching kids that they are simply victims in society and there is nothing that they can do about it... teach them that overcoming obstacles and problems in life is possible.

Your (Cantrell) theory seems to be... well, they're going to be victims anyway so nothing you can do about it... You were basically espousing that since unequality exists in society that parents and children of oppressed groups should just accept it, at least that's how I read what you were saying.

Mr Scot wasn't victim blaming or anything of the sort, but as I said before, you always "know what we really mean" so off it went...

this is bullshit. i'll call you a moron in the process of taking apart your posts; i don't deny using insults, but don't pretend that i don't address your posts. furthermore, i take things like "that minor rape victim is just 'doing the victim thing'" as an insult itself, so try not to pretend that insults somehow aren't warranted when you vomit your misogynistic poo.

Again, par for the course… repeating things ad naseum doesn’ t make them true.

i thought that the last time i addressed this you said that you understood but fug it let's do it again

first, i have no interest in meeting new republicans. i know enough as it is.

second, this forum is the home of the guy who lost his mind and starved his horses to death. as a general rule, i'm not very open to meeting people from the internet; particularly from here.

Yeah, if you had stuck with that explanation nothing would have ever been said… you don’t want to meet people from the internet, fine… your choice. I don’t believe for one minute that that is the whole truth either, but that doesn’t matter…

My point with that issue was that (as with everything you say) you take one thing and spin until it fits your twisted mindset. First it was “I don’t meet with people from the internet…” then it was “biscuit threatened me,” then it was “biscuit being an internet tough guy,” and now finally it’s all the way back to “I don’t meet people from the internet”… I mean hell, it happened right here in this last post… you only respond to the things you can spin to fit your twisted worldview and the rest magically disappears.

All said though, none of this even matters… we are diametrically opposed although I don’t always disagree with what you say. You have a personal issue with me, and that’s fine. I feel sorry for your twisted worldview and your pathetic need to be a dick to anyone who doesn’t completely agree with you. In the immortal words of John Fox, it is what it is.

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