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To all of you defending the capping of pay...

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Once again, there is NOTHING MENTIONED having to do with "capping" pay. Just ways to keep a balance between out of control senior execs pay and the publics frustration over it using shareholder influence and better transparency in accounting.

But keep on thinking that Obama is personally going to tell the CEO on McDonalds how much he can make if thats the depth of our ability to understand....

I understand what you are saying, but no one thought that it was possible 60 years ago to have a government that took 39.9% of a persons paycheck either!!!!

It's not what is happening now that I am worried about, it's where is it going to go in the future.

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fuging aliens landing and taking my stock of frozen burritos is within the realm of possiblility too, but I am not tucked in a fetal position over it.

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So for the sake of argument, lets say the current Admin does in fact go after McDonalds's CEO or others in the same industry.

What is stopping him from doing that?

Guys. Do you realize in less than a YEAR we have the govt owning GM, major stock holders in banks and they are just getting started.

You don't wait till the heat is at boiling to jump out of the pot. You jump the min you feel some heat.

A welfare state doesn't just have to be financially, it can be mental as well.

I fully understand the reasoning behind CEO pay and getting it lined up with whoever is determing what is fair. Probably a Fair Pay Czar and a Pay Czar will get with a Spreadsheet Czar and figure it out.

But I'm astonished at the blind Mr.Roboto's around here.

Rather than thinking it thru, something is quickly snuffed out or joked over or the usual other side of the aisle argument comes up.

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