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NBA (Trade Deadline) Trade Transactions (BOBCATS acquire Josh McRoberts)

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Now, now, let's play nice. Josh McRoberts is currently one of, if not the worst player in the NBA; but that's beside the point. It was a good trade because we will have even more cap room for free agency.

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Still bitter about that championship, huh?

Haha. Yeah. That's Duke "fans" for ya. Singing the praises of Josh McRoberts. I thought this guy was selling insurance by now.

Ill take a national title in college and a flop in the pros over an average college player and a nobody in the pros EVERY TIME.

But back on topic though: these are the types of trades the Hornets 2.0 are going to have to make until they start drafting better. Trade for a washed up, never has been and eat his salary for a year.

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