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Backup QB

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Happy Panther    3,997

We will go into the draft with all the need positions filled. Gettleman can not risk not having that covered before the draft. So we will basically be drafting BPA. We also could use a capable backup QB.

BPA for sure but excluding RB and QB.

I guess if some superstar fell to us but there isn't even a first round RB this year and while Geno is good some people have him going in the 2nd round.

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top dawg    8,864

That'd put us pretty young at QB.

Don't really wanna go that route.

Being old, washed up, set in your ways and overall average is not always a good thing either. If we could get a young guy with some obvious upside, then I'd be OK with it. That being said, I am thinking that we go with a cheap vet.

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Happy Panther    3,997

How about taking a backup in the first round? Way it is looking Geno could slide to us at 14. 2 reason why this would be a good option. 1 would give us a backup that could play if something happens to Cam. 2nd If he does show potential we could trade him to a team that does need a starter for some first round picks.

Geno Smith vs David Harewood from "Homeland"



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