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Mr. Scot

If you were Alex Smith...

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Which gives them like 14 or 15 picks in this draft. So, who might be leaving after next season?

If an OT? Then use some of the bevy of picks to move up and get OT Fisher for instance or Lane Johnson.

If a CB, then move up to take Milliner, etc. Then, after next season, you have a guaranteed starter. No use in using all those picks on guys who will never make the team.

LT isn't a concern for them with Staley, so I don't think they'd need to move up in the Fisher/Johnson range. Fluker would be the most likely target if they want to replace Davis at RT.

And as for CB with them being so close last year, they could go win now. They just might have the chips available to give Idzik a call in New York about Revis.

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Looked up the 49ers and for FA this year and next, they need CB's, WR'rs, LB's, maybe a G and C.

Would they be smart to move up for Milliner or the top WR? Or sit back and hope Cooper drops to them?

Oh and wouldn't it be nice to have a team with over a dozen picks and not in cap hell to pull for?

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