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Ivan The Awesome

Ivan's first Mock draft.

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good point but isnt Ron a NT. dwan had 6 sacks last year so im sure he's playing the UT roll. just trying to clear it up for myself once and for all. anyway i like the point you mad though. however i would argue saftey over corner only because our current corner have more potenial then naku

Yes Ron is a NT and Dwan is a UT. NT is the bigger needed position. The only true NTs that are worthy at 14 imo are Star and Hankins. Floyd and Richardson are UTs. But im fine taking either one of them also. I'm not oppose to playing two UTs bc a lot of teams in the league does run with two UTs. They're doing fine with it. If Dwan isn't resign, UT is just as important as NT. the whole DT position in general.

I think FS and CB are head to head once Gamble is cut.

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Not bad, but I think it's something "you'd like to see happen". Not what you "see happening".

With the news that Ron is going to be cut, DT is the most important position with CB once Gamble is gutted. 89 and Kuechly have both come out and said they want a DT. There are also very good DTs worthy of the 14 pick. With Gettleman's NYG philosophy, you can't think that DT isn't going to be the pick at 14. It's a position in need of an upgrade.

Addressing the DT will help our pass rush, run stop, and LUKE. People forget that Kuechly is our QB on the defense.

What do you do when you have a franchise QB like Cam? You give him weapons and protection. So when you have a QB (MLB) on the defense, you gotta give him weapons/protection (Dline).

'could' see happening, but whatever.

Ron was cut, not knowing this actually. But that was and has been a need for a while. Addressing it in the second round isn't bad. Especially with Williams.

Lane Johnson would be an instant upgrade to the Tackle position, Gross can move to the right if he's still with us. Bell can move inside to the Guard. Instantly upgrade the line and help Cam get time in the pocket.

You protect the QB then give him weapons, who says we don't get someone from FA to be a weapon? We don't know that yet but it is a possibility.

I only have the Kicker in the 5th round because he's a hell of a kicker and we need one. The rest are value picks to be honest.

Addressing the lines is the main focus of this draft.

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I've been aboard the Johnson bandwagon as long as anybody but the laughable notion that taking anything other than a lineman is "flashy" is downright nonsensical and outdated its almost comical to see people use it at this point.

I'm not directing this specifically at the OP, but I see a lot of people take this hollow soapbox whenever they feel we should take a lineman like "PSH! You stupid madden players just want your confoundit flahy receivers and junk? Me. I'm real knowledgable and mature and stuff because I'd rather take guys like Warmack who may not actually help us anymore than a similar guy in the 4th, but at least we don't have to face the frightening possibility that he may bust! I just am too scared to handle such a concept!"

Taking a talented prospect at a position of need isn't flashy. It's called being a well run organization.

You need to read the flashy line again

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