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Virginia giving dook hell

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    • Hormones define both men and women and the biggest driving force behind building our personalities.  Instead of saying "Hey, this is wrong!  Don't do it!"  You need to know the cause why something in your head is driving you toward that decision.  For instance... take Greg Olsen little brother who was arrested for raping a girl.  The rape happened around 2am, he was under influence and is athlete which means he produces insane amount of testosterone.  Is he a shitty human being for the rape?  Society says he is.  But what happened in his head is much more complicated than just small decision to have sex.  His brain was adjusted to be more aggressive and hornier because testosterone kept pumping in his brain.  Every parent should teach both their sons and daughters of this danger.  It's a serious risk everyone chooses to avoid.  "Nothing good happens after 2am" and there is a reason for that.
    • So Watson it is
    • The Panthers historical have played this game with WRs. Until somebody steps up, I'm sceptical. 2-3 years, I get it, but if there was a ever a time to blow the NFL up, 2017 is the year.