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Guy runs 4.19 at pro day

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Anyone know Usain Bolt's 40 time ?

Usain bolt's fastest time in the 100 meters is 9.58 seconds.....now he might be able to run a faster 40 but I don't have that data on hand so let's do some math

100 m/9.58 seconds = 10.438413 meters per second

we can cover that to yards by 1 yard/0.9144 meters

so that's 11.4155877 yards per second

set that equal to (40 yards/X) and you get = 3.50398 seconds......so a 3.51, oh yea and Bolt general gets up to top speed later in the 100 meters, so yea there is that to consider

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i love how people talk about finding a player's tape instead of what they really did, which was just type their name into youtube.

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Unofficial 4.19, Vikings guy said he ran a high 4.3, which of course is still fast. The guy is listed at 6'1, 192 and talks about the chip on his shoudler from not getting D1 offers, He could be Smitty 2.0 if we can get him in a late round(6 or 7) or as a UDFA.

Smitty 2.0??? LOL! Might wanna check this guys stats first. Barely over 1000 career receiving yards in his D1AA career.


Smitty 2.0...


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The comparisons to Smitty really should stop, it is getting out of hand. Every single year there are 4 or 5 prospects that get the "Smitty 2.0" title because they are undersized or have a proverbial "chip on their shoulder". There is only one Steve Smith and there will only be one Steve Smith. So let's drop the comparisons and rate prospects purely on their ability, not on some made up potential.

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