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Mr. Scot

DC killing off Robin (again)

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Batman's sidekick Robin to die

The current Robin is Damian Wayne, the biological son of Batman Bruce Wayne.

Apparently the latest Bat story arc has been the Joker kidnapping and torturing anyone associated with Batman, and will culminate in him again killing off "Robin".

At this point, my response is, "Come on, DC...Really?" :wacko:

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    • Im not quite following you. KB had a whole offseason after getting hurt. Then a whole season. And now another half-off-season. I'm not as impatient with his weight as other are being, but I still wish he would create good habits for himself while he's in his prime. He'll have a longer and more productive career that way.
    • I just discovered that I saved the roster as it was immediately post-draft last year on May 1.  We had 39 on Defense, 35 on Offense (74 total) and brought in 7 UDFAs (plus other try outs). It's DRAMATIC to see some of the changes in terms of relative numbers by offense & defense, and at a few position groups - notably OT (huge increase);  Here are the images: Offense:  May 1, 2016   Defense May 1 2016:   Special Teams May 1 2016   Position break down May 1, 2016:   I'll post a side-by-side comparison of the 2016 and 2017 roster by position totals in just a minute (obviously we don't know all the UDFAs for sure yet.)