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LB takes pay cut

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According to a source close to the situation, Dumervil restructured his deal. Instead of making 12 mill, he will make 8 mill this year.

— Michelle Beisner (@MichelleBeisner)

March 15, 2013

im looking at you Beason...

you to Gross

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Vilma and Will Smith both took HUGE paycuts for the Saints as well.

I wish we would be more on top of this. There's probably half a dozen guys I would have slapped a new reduced contract in front of and said "sign this or we're cutting you... oh and by the way most the teams are broke now so if you want to test free agency, good fugging luck"

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Take into account while Dumerville didn't light it up last season, at least he was on the field. Beason has been getting full pay the last 2 years to basically do nothing but rehab. You'd think he'd at least take a paycut this year, kinda pisses me off.

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The difference is no player wants to take a pay cut to remain with the Panthers.

Man I hope this is not true. That the reason we are being so cautious is from Gettlemen putting his ducks in a row. Rather than just being happy with the status quo. And not that the players are revolting en masse.

He knows what he values every player. Both game wise and money wise. The only deals he is going to make are the ones that meet his value, or fair market value, of the player. The players have to know this may be the case. Maybe they don't like dealing with Gettlemen for some reason or another.

Or maybe Gettlemen hasn't offered any contracts. So there are no contracts for the players not to sign.

Or, maybe Gettlemen isn't one of those hurly wurly, hurry up Joe, we gotta make a deal while we can kinda guy. You know how old people are. They take forever to make a decision. Try standing behind them at the Golden Corral at 4 pm. They are brutally slow. "Oh wait, I think I have exact change in here somewhere".

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