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Panthers among teams talking to Kevin Boothe - OG

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MHS831    4,859

If we let Gross walk, that leaves a hole on Cam's blind side that we would have to full via free agency or the draft. Gettleman has said he wants to build through the draft, though he also said he wanted to do some things in free agency so that he can take BPA. Free agency isn't an option for LT so that leaves the draft. There is only one LT I want who could start immediately- Central Michigan's Eric Fisher.




He would have to fall to us though. He is projected to be top 10/15.

Other than picking him, I say that we keep Gross.

When we would cut Gross is also a factor. If we cut him before the draft that means everyone knows that we need a LT. BUT, if we don't, and Fisher is there at 14, I say we take him and then cut Gross.

Just a thought

Gross does not have to rework his deal, but it could cost him in 2013-14. Carolina could cut him NEXT year and his market value would be very low for a 34-year old LT. I think that will be the plan. If Gross does not take a cut, and I wouldn't, Gettlemen will develop his replacement by taking a project later in the draft.

Here is something that pisses me off. They have to go after Gross for a cut, when they have 2 running backs (dime a dozen) that Hurney gave a ton of cash to for splitting time, staying hurt, and underperforming. They should be cutting their salaries if anyone, but with so much guaranteed money, they are safe. We paid them $17,000 per yard gained last year.

I cannot emphasize this enough: I screamed to have Hurney fired with Fox. JR's biggest mistake is not manning up and firing him.

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MHS831    4,859

Hangartner is so damn awful.

He sure is. I said the other day that he should have been a DT considering how much time he spends in the offensive backfield.

Garry Williams and Hangartner are not making us better--they are liabilities. I don't know why we have not cut them and applied the $2.5 million or so toward our cap. Even if we only find one starter, it is worth it.

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