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Harris Aballah

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I have no problem with Cal calling his players out. Maybe its not smart, but thats the way he wants to coach.

Plus he has a point- that team should have made the tourney. His system would have let them succeed if they had bought into it, but that is the risk you run when you rely on Freshman year in and year out. Will be interesting to see how they respond if everyone comes back and has to earn their spot next year

I am sure Cal was as surprised as I was that we beat florida at the end of the season. Hate to call out my team but after the performance in the georgia game, I felt like we didn't deserve to be in the tourney. Thats not to say that we shouldn"t have with the talent the team possessed. I mean we actually had an atheletic 7 footer to replace Noel with. How many teams wish they could say that. If nothing else these young men had to let themselves down more than anything. and if it were me I'd welcome the critism. Sorta why I started this thread, now that I think about it!

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To be honest I think the kids couldn't find chemistry within themselves. Thier defense even without Noel was still pretty good. But then couldn't find each other in the fast breaks. Could be the prob with alot of 1 & dones. Once they see the season winding down and thier draft stock with it, they become desperate(reason I didn't like Rivers at duke)and its all about them. Hence no team chemistry, followed by critical remarks from the coach. Which, i am sure he intends to send a message to future stars with his methods. At first terrance jones hated this about him. but with time became a team captain. So it could go either way with recruits.

Valid points sir... Valid points

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